00 0eGeneral Boot Help07 You are now ready to begin the installation process. In most cases, the best way to get started is to simply press the 0b07 key. If you are having problems with the graphical installer, you can use the '0bresolution=x07' option to try and force a particular resolution. For example, boot with '0blinux resolution=1024x76807'. Certain hardware configurations may have trouble with the automatic hardware detection done during the installation. If you experience problems during the installation, restart the installation adding the 'noprobe' option. The 'skipddc' option will also skip monitor probing which hangs some systems. There are a number of parameters that can be passed to the Linux kernel at boot time. Press 0b07 for more information. 0f[F1-Main] [F2-Options] [F3-General] [F4-Kernel] [F5-Rescue]07