00 0eInstaller Boot Options07 - To disable hardware probing, type: 0blinux noprobe 07. - To test the install media you are using, type: 0blinux mediacheck 07. - To enable rescue mode, type: 0blinux rescue 07. Press 0b07 for more information about rescue mode. - If you have a driver disk, type: 0blinux dd 07. - To prompt for the use of other install methods such as network install when booting from a CD, type 0blinux askmethod 07. - If you have an installer update disk, type: 0blinux updates 07. - To test the memory in your system type: 0bmemtest86 07. (This option is only available when booting from CD.) 0f[F1-Main] [F2-Options] [F3-General] [F4-Kernel] [F5-Rescue]07