International NIC Guide

24/7 Solutions Online can host international domains, but we cannot register them for you. To register an international domain, you must contact the NIC registry of the corresponding country for which you are registering a domain.

How To Set Up Your New International Domain To Be Hosted On 24/7 Solutions Online Servers:

  1. In the "Select Domain You Would Like to Host" section of your order form, type your domain name in the first box provided (after the "www.").

            *If you are using the Virtual Host order form, fill in the box for a "top-level" domain type.

  2. Choose "other (non US)" from the drop-down menu in the middle box.

  3. Type your exact extension into the last box. You do not need to put the dot (".") at the beginning of your extension (for example: "", not "").

  4. Choose "OPTION 3: I own this domain, but I do not want to transfer at this time."

  5. *If you are using the Virtual Host order form, be sure to choose a "Physical Path" before you move on to this step.

  6. Complete and submit the order form.

  7. a) Contact your country's NIC registry and register your domain.

    NOTE: Some international registration authorities require that your domain be fully configured on our name servers before they will process the registration. This is because the domain will automatically forward to our servers once it is registered. Accordingly, we suggest that you confirm that your domain is in our database and is incorporated into worldwide DNS before registering your international domain with your national NIC authorities.

    Important: Your domain enters our database the next business day after your order is processed, which is when we send out your 24/7 Solutions Online Welcome Letter. Please wait at least 24 hours after receipt of your Welcome Letter to allow for worldwide DNS to update. Be sure to allow for weekends, meaning that you will need to wait until Monday (PST) if you receive your Welcome Letter on Friday (PST).

    b) Provide your NIC registry with the following 24/7 Solutions Online nameserver information:

    Primary Server Host Name:     NS1.DNSHOSTSYS.COM
    Primary Server Net Address:     XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
    Secondary Server Host Name:     NS2.DNSHOSTSYSSYS.COM
    Secondary Server Net Address:     XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
    NIC Handle:    

    The following links to international registries are provided for your convenience. If the registry for the country you are looking for does not appear below, you can check the NORID Registry Index.

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Domain Name Registries Around the World

.AT Austria
.BA Bosnia and Herzegovina
.BE Belgium
.BG Bulgaria
.BY Belarus
.CH Switzerland
.CZ Czech Republic
.DE Germany
.DK Denmark
.ES Spain
.FI Finland
.FR France
.GG Guernsey
.GR Greece
.HR Croatia
.HU Hungary
.IE Ireland
.IL Israel
.IS Iceland
.IT Italy
.JE Jersey
.LI Liechtenstein
.LT Lithuania
.LU Luxembourg
.LV Latvia
.NL The Netherlands
.NO Norway
.PL Poland
.PT Portugal
.RO Romania
.RU Russia
.SE Sweden
.SK Slovakia
.UA Ukraine
.UK United Kingdom
.YU Yugoslavia

.AR Argentina
.BR Brazil
.CA Canada
.CL Chile
.CO Colombia
.CR Costa Rica
.DO Dominican Republic
.EC Ecuador
.GF French Guyana
.GT Guatemala
.MX Mexico
.NI Nicaragua
.PE Peru
.PY Paraguay
.US United States
.UY Uruguay

.BI Burundi
.RW Rwanda
.UG Uganda
.ZA South Africa
.ZR Zaire

Asia Oceania
.AM Armenia
.AU Australia
.CN China
.GU Guam
.HK Hong Kong
.ID Indonesia
.IN India
.IR Iran
.JO Jordan
.JP Japan
.KR Republic of Korea
.LB Lebanon
.MY Malaysia
.NF Norfolk Island
.NZ New Zealand
.PH Philippines
.PK Pakistan
.RU Russia
.SG Singapore
.TH Thailand
.TW Taiwan

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