• Webhosting

    JCHost.net has been hosting websites for over 8 years now and currently houses about 100 domains. You'll enjoy fast load times, data backup, and a fully functional control panel so you can make changes when you want. Sign up today and experience the difference.

  • Virtual Private Servers

    Looking for powerful VPS? Look no further; with packages starting at 5 dollars a month, you too can have the control you want with your hosting for a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server. Our virtual servers run on 16 core Xeon machines with HW RAID storage. Feel free to run any distro of Linux of your choice. We even provide free off-site backup of your data at no extra charge.

  • Dedicated Servers

    Enjoy up to gigabit uplink to the net with Cogent, HE.net connectivity, remote reboot, offsite data backup and custom configurations to fit exactly what your needs are. Visit our Dedicated Server page for our current offers on dedicated hosting equipment.

About JCHost.net

JCHost.net originated in Kansas City, MO USA during December 2004. Since then we are proud to say that we have acquired over 100 clients. We host sites for clients worldwide and are beginning to make our name well known in the dedicated and colocation hosting space. JCHost.net looks forward to providing you or your company with excellent service, quality, and pride in our product.

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  • I want to take some time to say thanks to Jamie for all his hard work in keeping this site up. ZachIsHere.com and some other domains I own have been transferred to be hosted by his company. He has done a very good job. Take some time to check out his website. The technical know how and professional manner in which some of the tough issues he tackled with my site are incredible.

    Zach Cobb, ZachIsHere.com