SuprNova CS:S Tag: [SN]
Hosted by since December 2004 was (is *grin*) the largest torrent distributer on the internet. Sadly sloncek (the administrator) took it down on the 19th of December 2004. The Counter-Strike: Source server was set up on December 26th 2004, by a group of CS:S players that met on the IRC channel.
Clan leader(s) corNIC, Outpour, Spike, [riVen]
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2022-07-20 09:13:24 [riVen] wrote:
2022-05-17 22:37:00 The Fox wrote:
[EggZ] Cometh...
2023-03-23 00:21:06 cornic wrote:
Okay I'm totally going to redo this section because the way I have it laid out makes it impossble to update easily and drives me insane. stay tuned.
2023-01-20 09:20:14 Mav wrote:
I too would like a season...
2023-01-18 14:16:46 ILLWILL foamy wrote:
I am still setting up the final touches to my server, but for the most part it is up and running.
cant wait for the new season!
2023-01-10 03:03:09 moocat wrote:
2023-01-10 03:00:17 na wrote:
hippoz is down also. for the last 4 hours or so.
2023-01-09 15:53:16 Solarix wrote:
what happened to the J6 dust2 server?
2023-01-09 10:03:55 shithead wrote:
lol maverick we should have another friendly scrim soon.. herhe
2023-01-08 17:26:46 therapist wrote:
thank you envy, for banning me for absolutely no reason.
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